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This dynamic, energetic and highly expressive piano trio is the combination of three different and complementary personalities and the result of a long collaboration between the musicians. Elements from rock, contemporary jazz and echoes of the bebop era contribute to a distinctive sound and direction in the music, which is composed by all elements of the trio.

Stefano Falcone: piano/rhodes

Giuseppe D’Alessandro: drums

Ilaria Capalbo: double bass


Giuseppe Bassi / Ilaria Capalbo: Atomic Bass

The experienced and sought-after bassist Giuseppe Bassi joins up-and-coming double-bass talent Ilaria Capalbo, for a live experience that deals with presence, sound and the history of one of jazz music’s most beloved instruments.

Giuseppe Bassi / Ilaria Capalbo: double bass


ilaria capalbo+stefano falcone: invisible atlas

The collaboration between bassist and composer Ilaria Capalbo and pianist/composer Stefano Falcone is a project that has evolved over a few years, since when the pair met during studies and as their careers took shape, bringing Ilaria to Sweden and Stefano to Italy. The duo works on original compositions, co-writing and free improvisation, leading the tiny ensemble towards a distinctive, chamber-like sound that well represents the musicians' respective backgrounds and experiences. Their debut album, Invisible Atlas, has been released on Skidoo Records in November 2017. It traces a geographical and emotional path, a thread woven between the northernmost and southernmost edges of Europe, between classical and jazz music.


unreal cities//bass solo

An ongoing project, a research on the sound and the possibilities of the double bass as an instrument that carries both harmonic and melodic meaning and has deep roots in the worlds of orchestral music and jazz.


chihiro yamanaka trio "the spheres" 

Chihiro Yamanaka: piano/ I. Capalbo: dbass/ Karen Teperberg: drums